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Diamond clarity represents the presence or lack of imperfections within or on the surface of the stone. These imperfections are labeled inclusions if they are inside the stone or blemishes if they are on the surface. The majority of diamonds have one or more of these imperfections, though many aren't visible to the naked eye. In fact, if there are minor flaws, it adds to the uniqueness of the stone. In the case of registered diamonds, these imperfections can even be used for identification purposes. The grades are as follows: flawless, very very slight inclusions, very slight inclusions, slight inclusions, included, and imperfect. Even the most skilled jewel smiths can't eliminate all the imperfections within a diamond no matter how they plan their cuts, though that doesn't mean they can't minimize the effect that the flaw has on the final cut and polished jewel. Flaws are formed when the diamond is created and are quite common. In fact, a truly flawless diamond is exceedingly rare and its cost increases significantly. That is why the majority of the diamonds you see do indeed contain flaws of one form or another. It may be that whatever your final choice is, there is likely going to be a flaw or two. Don't fret, though. Those flaws won't be noticeable at a glance or even under closer scrutiny.

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